Featured Projects: Water Features

This week on the Padilla Designs blog series “Featured Projects“, we take a look at a few of the ways water can be incorporated into a Padilla Designs custom water feature.

Water is vital to our bodies – without a constant supply, we will not survive. Water not only makes up between 50-65% of our bodies, but it also has the ability to relax and calm our brainwaves by simply listening to the sound. Studies have shown that people who live close to water are generally happier and stress-free than those who live inland away from water.

For example, simply having a small fountain in your office can help to slow your brainwaves down, causing less stress and a clearer ability to process information and make decisions, Uultimately making you more efficient and productive. On the other hand, having a water feature in your garden or inside your home will add a calming element to your space and allow you to relax deeper and rejuvenate.

Indoor water features also help the clean the air in your home with negative ions – reducing the air pollution. Dust is attracted to negative ions and so cleaning your fountains is an important step to keeping your fountain working in top condition and maintaining a healthy living space.

Padilla Designs’ water features add ambiance through sound and motion. We incorporate the water element into our sculpture to give them life. Whether it is a simile zen garden fountain, or custom outdoor shower, the water features we create are beautiful, soothing and timeless.

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