Featured Projects: Banisters & Handrails

Padilla Designs welcomes you to another installment of our blog series “Featured Projects”, taking a look at some of the beautiful and functional railings we have made. Whether it be for style and elegance, or simplicity and safety, the artists at Padilla Designs can help you to design the perfect banister or handrail to meet your needs. Handrails serve many … Read More

Featured Project: Lanai Estate Design

This week on the Padilla Designs blog series “Featured Projects“, we take you on an inside tour of one of our recently completed estate design projects for a beautiful ocean front property on Lanai. Recently Padilla Designs completed work on a beautiful, collaborative project with Canadian design firm Cridland & Associates for a stunning oceanfront property on Lanai. The project included … Read More

Featured Projects: Water Features

This week on the Padilla Designs blog series “Featured Projects“, we take a look at a few of the ways water can be incorporated into a Padilla Designs custom water feature. Water is vital to our bodies – without a constant supply, we will not survive. Water not only makes up between 50-65% of our bodies, but it also has … Read More

Featured Projects – Artistic Take on a Native Tree

Welcome to another weekly installment of the Padilla Designs blog series “Featured Projects”. Recently you might remember reading an “In the Studio” post featuring Padilla Designs’ artistic take on the native Hawaiian hala tree. We are happy to say that the project is now complete and installed – and the clients are very pleased with the outcome. When you last heard … Read More

Featured Projects – Lighting

Padilla Designs‘ functional artwork can be customized to fit any style. This week on our blog series, “Featured Projects”, we are stepping away from fire as a lighting method and taking a look at how the Padilla artists incorporate LED lighting into their sculptures. Whether it’s a decorative column lamp at a private estate, or an interior commercial lighting feature at … Read More

Featured Projects – Grand Entranceways

Padilla Designs welcomes you to another installment of our blog series “Featured Projects”. This week we are taking a look at a few grand entranceways that Padilla Designs has created over the years, setting the mood with functional metal sculptures that welcome and awe friends and passerbys. The entranceway to your home is a significant part of your life – … Read More

Featured Projects – Fire Features

Padilla Designs would like to welcome you to another installment of our blog series “Featured Projects“. This week we would like to share with you some of our custom fire sculptures as well as the connection Hawaii has with this beautiful element –  fire. Fun Fact: In Hawaiian mythology Pele is the Goddess of fire, lightening, wind and volcanoes. She is … Read More

Featured Project – Padilla Designs Stage Design at TEDxMaui 2013

Padilla Designs would like to welcome you to another installment of  our blog “Featured Projects“. This week we would like to look back on our collaboration with TEDxMaui in 2013. TED is a globally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to “ideas worth spreading” through annual speaker events that inspire millions. TED licenses its brand to local communities looking to bring similar … Read More

Featured Project – Hotel Wailea Design Collaboration

Welcome to this weeks installment of “Featured Projects” on the Padilla Designs weekly blog! Hotel Wailea, a luxurious resort on the south shore of Maui designed to be the perfect romantic getaway, required a more elegant and welcoming “grand entrance” to the hotel grounds. Padilla Designs answered the call, in a commercial project that required the Padilla team’s material and … Read More

Featured Project: Maui Bus Stop Shelter Design

This week on our “Featured Projects” blog series, we want to share our Maui Bus Stop collaboration with Maui County Department of Transportation and Duo-Guard Industries. The purpose of this project was to provide decorative shade structures to bus riders while blending them into the Island culture and environment. Enjoy! This project was brought on by the increasing number of … Read More