Napili Maui, 2007-2009

Award Winning Design & Renovation: Mark Tarone
Construction: David Stoops Construction

Project Overview

Durability Meets Design

Padilla Designs was commissioned for an estate design project that incorporated custom fabricated teak, brass, and copper gates, unique banisters in a wave pattern that complimented the ocean views, and a “peek a boo” window that added privacy to an outdoor shower while allowing an ocean and sunset view.

Entrance Gates

Organic in Material and Design

For this project we selected the most durable materials that would withstand the harsh ocean front environment. Premium materials of teakwood, brass, bronze mesh and copper sheet were integrated into the designs of the entry gates. To break up the vertical wood planks and add shades of greens a copper current line was intertwined into the design. The patina finish complements the variety of shades within the stone walls tying the gates to their environment.


Enhancing the View

This series of wave banisters was designed to compliment the inspiring ocean views of the property. The surface of the ocean is a constant mix of flowing textures and current patterns. The
horizontal brass members of the railings were reduced to just 1/8”. This low profile along with their curvature allowed the railings to blend in with the ocean back drop.

Sculptured Sunset Portal

Creating Privacy with Art

Inspired by the need for privacy from the neighbors when taking an outside shower and the desire to view the sunset this window was designed to achieve both. Built from a variety of sizes of copper round connected by two pieces of copper plate. This piece uses over 200 linear feet of pipe and over 200 feet of tig welding.


Accent Pieces

Shower Drain & Hand Railings

During the estate design process the architecture asks for a variety of functional elements that we can tie into the overall design theme. Here are copper bamboo hand railings and a copper bamboo down spout that add subtle touches of quality and character to an other wise mundane

Next – Kauai Entrance Gate


This project was functional art at its finest. This entrance way challenged the team to bring a variety of techniques and finishing to the table. From the Hawaiian state fish (Humuhumunukunukuapuaa) to the shell ginger flowers, countless hours of cutting, forming and etching went into creating the finished piece.

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