Featured Projects – Grand Entranceways

Padilla Designs welcomes you to another installment of our blog series “Featured Projects”. This week we are taking a look at a few grand entranceways that Padilla Designs has created over the years, setting the mood with functional metal sculptures that welcome and awe friends and passerbys.

The entranceway to your home is a significant part of your life – both physically and emotionally. It’s the first impression of your lifestyle, and a welcoming expression of your personal style and taste to your friends and family.

An entranceway is not just the gate, trellis, fire feature or railing alone, it is the setting as a whole that all these items are incorporated into. They all tie together in subtle ways to create a complete experience. Padilla Designs specializes in creating functional artwork that harmonizes with your environment. We design, engineer, fabricate and finish functional artwork to express your style, taste and spirit throughout your entranceway and entire estate.

A Padilla Designs custom entranceway gives your property the elegance to capture your guests’ interests, and the functionality to keep them feeling welcomed.

We work with an array of non-corrosive metals and exotic and local hard woods. This guarantees structural integrity and durability of the product for years to come.

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