Featured Project – Decorative Wall Mural

Aloha! We are so excited to finally share with you this beautiful and elaborate puzzle of a project. Made completely of Naval Bronze and designed to tell the story of a system of land management in old Hawai’i known as Ahupua’a.

An Ahupua’a (a subdivision of land) is a carefully developed system of land management used in Old Hawai’i to sustain an entire community. From upland timber and agriculture to hunting, gathering, and fishing, everything that was needed for the community to thrive was found within each Ahupua’a.

Padilla Designs was contracted to engineer and fabricate these wall murals. This Design incorporates a flowing stream from Mauka (mountains) to Makai (the sea) and the diversity living within each Ahupua’a. From the mountains and flowing freshwater streams that bring life to the flora and fauna of the land, to the ocean and its abundance of life, each aspect has its purpose. The murals were made with Naval Bronze and cut out using lasers. The project was finished with an oil-rubbed Bronze living patina.

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