Tools and Techniques – Water Jet

Welcome to our Padilla Designs “Tools and Techniques” blog series. This week we are showing you the innovative abilities of our upgraded cutting machine the Water Jet.

Padilla Designs owner/founder Larry Padilla started welding at the young age of 20 years old and fell in love with the art of sculpting. He sculpted everything from hand using only heat, hammers and a few other tools to make his art come to life.

Over the years, innovative technology has allowed us to use a variety of high-end machinery to shape, cut, and mold our creative designs limiting the intensive wear on the body. The following media will show the differences from the handheld Plasma Cutter to the Water Jet Machine. With precision, the Water Jet machine is able to cut through many types of tough material making clean shapes we otherwise would not be able to create without more extensive labor.

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