Artist Highlights – Janus Padilla

Welcome to our new blog series “Artist Highlights” this blog series will share bits and pieces about our artists lifestyle and the things that drive and inspire their creativity.

Here at Padilla Designs we thrive on creativity and care deeply about our artists well-being and happiness. We strongly believe that a balanced lifestyle is the key to optimal productivity. Working hard, so that we can play even harder, is our motto!

We interviewed artist Janus Padilla on what brings him inspiration and happiness and here are his answers:

What is it like working with your family?
JP – Working with family is both challenging and rewarding. Although it’s much more rewarding than it is challenging. By working together as a family we are able to create a unique working environment that carries over into the quality of our work.
What brings you inspiration?
JP – My inspiration comes from the hobbies I enjoy and striving to overcome the challenges that our work entails.
What age did you start welding?
JP – I first started welding and sculpting with my dad at the early age of 10.
What was your first art piece?
JP – The first art piece I made was a lotus flower that I entered into an art Maui show in my early teens.
As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
JP – First I wanted to be an archeologist, then an astronaut, then a fireman, and then a pro surfer.
What makes you happy?
JP – I love it when a challenging concept is laid before me and I am forced to think outside the box.
What’s your favorite hobby?
JP – Probably hunting

Janus is an avid outdoors-man who spends a good portion his free time working on personal projects and trekking into the wilderness to hunt wild game. He never takes more than what he needs to feed his family and always shares with his community, making sure no part of what he hunts goes to waste. He consciously supports the natural cycle of wildlife restoration. Recently he traveled with a group of friends to New Zealand on a hunting excursion, enjoy the photos!

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