Featured Materials – Machinery Technique

Welcome! To our new followers and those who continue to follow us, we thank you for your support. This week we are showcasing some of the heavy-duty machinery we use in the fabrication process.

Our heavy duty machinery helps relieve the manual labor that was once a much larger portion of the fabrication process. From having to work the metal into different shapes by hand was a lengthy and taxing job.

– P L A S M A  T A B L E S –

We use the plasma torch to carve shapes and designs out of our raw metal materials.

  • We have an automated cutting table that is great for production runs with large quantities of similar designs.
  • We also have a free form table that allows the user to have complete control of the torch.

whether it’s etching the veins in a ginger leaf, cutting a large banana leaf out or just signing your name on a finished piece, the plasma torch allows the artist to really connect with the process and create right from the torch tip. Much like an artist paints with a brush.

– P O W E R  H A M M E R –

The power hammer is a metal forming and shaping machine that we use to add texture and design to our copper leaves and our copper sculptures. It allows us to bend and form our metals with more efficiency before the power hammer we would manually hammer the metal with rubber mallets and various hand tools. Though the power hammer takes over much of the manual shaping labor, various pieces still require the technique of manual molding.

– I R O N  W O R K E R –

A heavy steel cutting and punching machine, enabling us to punch holes easier and cleaner into a lot of thicker metals. Used a lot in repeated punching of various pieces of hardware.

– S A N D  B L A S T E R –

A high pressurized sand and air mixing compressor allowing us to clean the metal, removing any contaminants so we can apply a clean finish to the raw metals without any defects.

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