Tips – How To Enhance Your Estate With Metal Sculptures

This week Padilla Designs brings you a spin off of our blog series “Education” where we will be sharing some inside tips and pictures on how to enhance your estate with a variety of custom decorative and functional metal sculpture.

What ever stage of construction you may be in there are opportunities to use metal sculpture to weave your style and vision into the interior and exterior space. Whether it be a subtle interior wall sculpture that expresses your tropical landscape or a series of modern privacy panels that create an intimate outdoor bath, using the metal medium in unique forms adds dimension, contrast and elegance. Our decorative gates, hand railings and fire features offer form and function to breath life into the surrounding environment.

Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate functional metal sculptures:

1. Tiki torches are a great form of outdoor lighting, and can be installed in any space around the exterior of your home adding a touch of creative functionality and soft light.

2. Floral privacy walls are great for indoor and outdoor decoration, while making the space a little more enclosed and private. Whether it be an outdoor balcony or shower space, these decorative sculpture walls will be a stunning addition to your home.

3. Metal sculptures can be incorporated in an array of different styles depending on what your looking for. Get creative and explore options, perhaps you would like to incorporate metalwork into your kitchen or bathroom, or as furniture and decor in your living room.

Padilla Designs specializes in designing and creating these custom interior and exterior functional metal pieces. Each piece is customized to your personal style and design themes. Check out a variety of our accent work in the select photos below and visit to explore all the opportunities.

Photo collaboration by: J. Anthony Martinez & Padilla Designs

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