Featured Projects – Details

Welcome to another installment of Padilla Designs blog series “Featured Projects”. This week we take you into the beauty of details, showcasing some of the ways Padilla Designs artists work so diligently to create custom pieces project after project. We hope you enjoy!

D E T A I L S – its all about the details. The smallest of details can make the biggest difference. Whether it be art, fashion, architecture, etc. Along with infrastructure, the details are the most important part when it comes to designing and creating functional metal work. Padilla Designs artists have to think outside the box to construct, just about anything you could imagine, out of metal. Our custom designs range from the simplest contemporary designs  to  the modern industrial and on to the more complex abstract designs.

The length of time it takes to complete a project depends of course on what the client is asking for and the complexity of the design. Some take a few days and others take weeks to months to complete. One thing is for sure, our clients are very happy with the outcome of their sculptures. Check out the rest of PadillaDesigns.com to see what we can offer your next project.

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