Featured Projects – Padilla Designs Forged Iron Collection

This week on our blog series “Featured Projects” we invite you to take a look at Padilla Designs forged Iron collection, Please enjoy!

Fun Facts: Iron is the sixth most common element in the universe, the fourth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust by weight and the most abundant element in the total composition of the planet found in both the inner core and outer crust of the Earth.

Steel is an economical material that is structurally sound, very malleable and comes in endless forms and profiles. This makes it a perfect material for decorative gates, railings and other decorative and functional metal sculptures.

When the budget does not allow for premium materials of copper and brass, steel can be a viable alternative. Although it does not have the natural corrosion resistance of aluminum or stainless steel, when properly painted and cared for our steel fabrications can last many years without the need for refinishing.

Check out our latest entrance gate design below. Can you see the dolphin tails incorporated into the forged ironwork? This entrance way will be sandblasted and finished with a baked on dark bronze powder coating.

We can customize your design, weather it be a gate, railing are large-scale sculpture. We also offer stock designs that can be scaled to the dimensions of your openings.

Contact us today to see if steel may be the right choice for your project.

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