Featured Projects – Banisters & Handrails

Padilla Designs welcomes you to another installment of our blog series “Featured Projects”, taking a look at some of the beautiful and functional railings we have made. Whether it be for style and elegance, or simplicity and safety, the artists at Padilla Designs can help you to design the perfect banister or handrail to meet your needs.

Handrails serve many purposes in a home. Within arms’ reach in the right places, they provide safety guards on the side of staircases and walkways, and something to hold onto for added support. Handrails add a sense of style and completion to a home or estate. Adding the right elements in the right style – even something as simple as handrails – to your space can transform it for the better.

With our Padilla Designs estate package we focus on everything from lights and decor, to doors, gates and handrails and range from interior to exterior. We cover every detail, fabricating our handrails out of a variety of different metals depending on what our clients are looking for: from floral, decorative looks to clean, elegant designs.

Please check out the following photos of some of our banister and handrail projects, all with happy clients and stunning results. Enjoy!

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