Featured Material – Corten Steel

Fun fact: Corten steel was originally developed by the US Steel Co. in the 1930’s to resist corrosion and abrasion to their ore wagons.

Weathering steel – often referred to as Corten steel, is a group of steel alloys developed to resist corrosion and eliminate the need for painting. Exposure to weather over time causes the material to form a natural rust-like surface layer, often giving it a wood-like appearance. Its unique look and naturally oxidizing finish has made it a popular choice for many architectural projects. Though Corten steel initially costs a bit more then other types of steel, due to the nature of the natural oxidization of corten steel, its life long maintenance is much cheaper as it does not require continual upkeep and eliminates the need for painting materials.

Padilla Designs uses corten steel for its strength and weather resistant nature, as well as its highly unique composition. We have used corten steel in several of our exterior projects including entrance gates and signage. Corten can be incorporated into any category of our functional artwork. We activate the natural oxidizing of the surface layer by first sand blasting the pieces and then coating them with an acid to activate its natural process.

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