Featured Projects – Artistic Take on a Native Tree

Welcome to another weekly installment of the Padilla Designs blog series “Featured Projects”.

Recently you might remember reading an “In the Studio” post featuring Padilla Designs’ artistic take on the native Hawaiian hala tree.

We are happy to say that the project is now complete and installed – and the clients are very pleased with the outcome.

When you last heard from us we were in the midst of the creative process, copper hala leaves were being cut and formed, and the assembly process had begun.

Once the gate had been completely assembled, it was ready to be sand blasted and colored with a selection of bronze and green patina, bringing the gate to life and showing the details of this beautiful and useful ancient Hawaiian tree.

The Patina was applied by brush, and highlights were added after the patina was allowed to cure. The result was a stunning flow of greens and browns truly transforming this work of art into yet another Padilla Designs masterpiece.

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