Featured Projects – Lighting

Padilla Designs‘ functional artwork can be customized to fit any style. This week on our blog series, “Featured Projects”, we are stepping away from fire as a lighting method and taking a look at how the Padilla artists incorporate LED lighting into their sculptures.

Whether it’s a decorative column lamp at a private estate, or an interior commercial lighting feature at a retail mall, Padilla Designs’ Lighting Sculptures create ambiance, mood, and bring architectural and interior design to life with shadows and silhouettes. Glowing from the inside, Padilla Designs’ custom lighting creations are captivating and beautiful.

Light is essential for our health and state of mind, and is a key element in shaping an environment. It is used in all fields of design, whether it be landscape, architecture, interior design, or metal sculpting.

We are blessed with abundant natural light in Hawaii. Our sunsets burst with stunning colors and our nights share glorious starry skies. Our custom lighting features complement these blessings by adding elegance – with a personal touch – to the way you illuminate your space. Whether it be a decorative ceiling sculpture, or custom entry sconce, Padilla Designs’ creative pieces are unique, timeless and inspiring.

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